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  1. Designing Memorable Websites: Showcase of Creative Designs 3 years ago Permalink

    One of the main goals of having a website, whether it be a portfolio website or a business website, is to declare your presence on the Web. There are thousands upon thousands of websites out there; it’s pretty well established that you are competing for your audience’s interest and attention.

  2. Things You Should Do Immediately After Launching a Website 3 years ago Permalink

    So you’ve just launched your website. The only thing left now is to start creating content and arranging for some promotion, right? Well, not so fast.

  3. 30 Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design 3 years ago Permalink

    A trend in web design that has been popular for a while, and still seems to be gaining momentum, is the use of big background images. It’s an easy and effective way to add lots of interest to a design and set the overall tone with one photo or illustration.

  4. Eye Movement Patterns in Web Design 3 years ago Permalink

    One of the most overlooked design principles in web design today is eye movement patterns. All too often, web designers are so overly focused on making their website look “pretty” by adding distracting graphics and animations, using overly complex background images, drop shadows, and glowing form fields, that they forget why they are making the website in the first place.

  5. Personality in Web Design: Atmosphere, Character And Brand Feel 3 years ago Permalink

    As a consumer, we seek out products, services, and practitioners that are friendly, helpful, interesting and overall pleasant to deal with. When you select individuals and organizations to interact with or do business with you are making a decision based on the totality of their behavioural characteristics and how you emotionally react to them.

  6. Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audience’s Attention 3 years ago Permalink

    Let’s say you’re driving down the freeway at 65mph and you see the roadside plastered with advertising posters on both sides. Some small, some large, all meant in some measure to cause you to remember a brand or identity, to keep that company name in your mind.

  7. 35+ Inspiring Websites with Vector Landscapes 3 years ago Permalink

    Using vector based illustration in web design is a thrilling way to express beauty and grace to whole layout. There are plenty of websites featuring stunning illustration because using illustrations in web designs is a trend these days.

  8. Becoming a Better Web Designer 3 years ago Permalink

    Whenever a student wanting to work in the design industry asks me for advice, the first thing that comes to my mind is the importance of maintaining a current and up-to-date skill set. Often, we spend so much time focusing on the actual jobs at hand that we neglect to nourish and refresh our knowledge.

  9. 25 Well-Designed Magazine-Style Websites 3 years ago Permalink

    Magazine or news-style designs are increasingly common as online periodicals and multi-author blogs continue to increase in popularity. In this post we’ll showcase 25 magazine-style designs for your own inspiration.

  10. The User Is The Anonymous Web Designer 3 years ago Permalink

    We invest time, money and effort into understanding our audience, and the movement toward a more socially networked Web has made us realize the power that visitors have over how our designs are engineered; and we try to meet their ever-growing needs. Community is integral to the evolution and functioning of a website, and visitors and website owners have become dependent on each other. This reflects a change in the industry: the user has turned into an anonymous designer.

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