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  1. The Fonts of Popular TV Shows 3 years ago Permalink

    In this post, we take a look at a few popular TV shows – some past and some current – and the fonts that were chosen for their titles. It’s interesting to see the large number of the classics being used, but some also have more modern typefaces and there are certainly a few surprising choices.

  2. Great Typography Book From 1927 3 years ago Permalink

    Every now and then you come across a gem of a book where every page is a joy to look at. A couple of years ago I saw this book on ebay and picked it up for about $10.

  3. Rethinking Conceptual Type Design 3 years ago Permalink

    “Where are the idealistic fonts, the artsy fonts, the non fonts, the political fonts, the funny fonts, the difficult fonts, the fonts that do not look like fonts, fonts that are frontiers of new belief?” That’s a very good question.

  4. Web Typography: 100 Educational Resources, Tools and Techniques 3 years ago Permalink

    Web typography has evolved a lot over the last years. Today we see rich, accessible typography, a plethora of type design choices for the web and a number of remarkable, type-based web designs. It’s a great time for web design, and it’s a great time for web typography.

  5. How to Create the Best Line Breaks for a Headline 3 years ago Permalink

    If the above statement by David Ogilvy is true then it’s crucial that you make a headline appear as legible and well-crafted as possible. It goes without saying that font selection, kerning and leading are fundamental to this, but have you considered the line-breaks that you use?

  6. Great Examples of Typographic Humor 3 years ago Permalink

    First of all, what is typography? Is it just the print; the way the page looks because of the type? Is it just correct spelling and appropriate fonts? Is it the message when the type is put together?

  7. Art of Type: Changing the Rules 3 years ago Permalink

    Lines and rules aren’t the most scintillating aspects of typography, but beneath their dull appearances lurk some interesting graphic capabilities you might not have considered. In this column, we’ll look at some useful tricks you can perform combining InDesign styles with its controls over paragraph rules and underscores.

  8. Best Practices of Combining Typefaces 3 years ago Permalink

    Creating great typeface combinations is an art, not a science. Indeed, the beauty of typography has no borders. While there are no absolute rules to follow, it is crucial that you understand and apply some best practices when combining fonts in a design.

  9. 45 Creative Typography and Mosaic Portraits 3 years ago Permalink

    Typography is an integral part of any design. Therefore, an attractive web design or logo is incomplete without the adequate typography.

  10. Know Your Type: Baskerville 3 years ago Permalink

    Baskerville, designed in 1754, is most known for its crisp edges, high contrast and generous proportions. The typeface was heavily influenced by the processes of the Birmingham-bred John Baskerville, a master type-founder and printer, who owed much of his career to his beginnings.

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