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  1. How To Draw an iMac G5 in Photoshop 4 years ago Permalink

    In this tutorial, we will draw a nice iMac G5 in Photoshop. We will combine layer shape and manual drawing to get a realistic result.

  2. Draw a 3D LCD Monitor with Photoshop 4 years ago Permalink

    This tutorial is targeted at achieving a detailed 3D LCD monitor using Adobe Photoshop. To arrive at the final design, we will use basic Photoshop features such as the selection tools, layer styles, the Gradient Tool, the Pen Tool, and more.

  3. Create Amazing Patterns using Adobe Illustrator 4 years ago Permalink

    By reading this tutorial you will learn how to easily create cool looking shapes with the Pattern Brush in Illustrator. Additionally I’ll show you how to make advanced Pattern Brushes and give you some tips about using them.

  4. 35 Hand-Picked Illustrator Drawing Tutorials From 2010 4 years ago Permalink

    Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool to help designers produce high quality digital drawings. Once you created a sketch on paper or your tablet, you can use Illustrator’s tools to turn sketches in a vivid, beautiful illustrations.

  5. Create a Blackberry Torch Using Photoshop and Illustrator 4 years ago Permalink

    In this tutorial, we will draw a highly realistic blackberry torch using Photoshop and Illustrator. We’ll use Photoshop for basic shapes and shading and Illustrator for more complex shapes. Let’s get started!

  6. Enhance Your Web Forms With New HTML5 Features 4 years ago Permalink

    HTML5 introduces numerous new options to create more functional web forms. In this article, I’ll show you exciting new HTML5 features to improve your forms and make them more functional and user-friendly.

  7. Tutorial: How to Create an Adobe Illustrator Brush 4 years ago Permalink

    Both Illustrator brushes and Photoshop brushes can be extremely valuable resources for graphic designers, whether you are creating your own or using those created by someone else. There are several good tutorials out there for creating various types of Photoshop brushes, but unfortunately there are not very many tutorials for creating Illustrator brushes.

  8. Grunge Stone Woman Photo Manipulation in Photoshop 4 years ago Permalink

    In this design tutorial, we are going to perform a photo manipulation of a beautiful woman breaking free from the confines of her stone prison. We will be using Photoshop to blend various images together along with a bit of brushwork, adjustment layers, and layer styles to create a masterful and compelling image.

  9. A Showcase of 30 Inspiring Poster Design Tutorials 4 years ago Permalink

    Whether you need design ideas for your next poster project or to simply hone your image editing skills, tutorials always come in handy to provide you with easy-to-follow steps and techniques you can add to your design arsenal. You don’t have to search far and wide for poster design tutorials, because I’ve got you covered with this collection of tutorials to help you in designing your own creative prints.

  10. Make a Stylish Futuristic Textured Wallpaper in Photoshop 4 years ago Permalink

    In this Photoshop tutorial, we will create a futuristic wallpaper that utilizes textures and Photoshop blending modes. The design will strictly adhere to a grid structure and showcase shapes and type in the center.

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