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  1. 17 Great Visual Identities for Your Inspiration 3 years ago Permalink

    Giving a visual identity to faceless companies takes time and effort. To inspire you I have gathered a series of wonderfully executed corporate identities.

  2. 12 Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces You Have to See 3 years ago Permalink

    Direct marketing is all about connecting with customers in a real way. To accomplish this effectively, you often have to come up with some crazy unique and inventive ideas. The next time you’re in a meeting where people are ideating about direct marketing ideas, use these as inspiration to wow the group!

  3. 21 Folder Design Ideas to Impress Your Clients With 3 years ago Permalink

    Presentation folders play an important role in marketing; they are used for document management and brand establishment. Therefore, businesses are always on the lookout for people who can create folder designs that will effectively sell their products and services.

  4. 35 Creative Postcard Invitation Designs for Inspiration 3 years ago Permalink

    As a designer, it won’t be long until you start receiving tons of requests from clients who want creatively designed cards or maybe you’re even in the process of making one right now. However, achieving an effective design that will encourage attendance is not always easy.

  5. 9 Unique Baby Birth Announcements 3 years ago Permalink

    A collection of creative baby announcements of varying styles.

  6. 10 Stunning Examples of Brochure Design 4 years ago Permalink

    Brochures are a very challenging item to design. Doing it good requires a good balance between form and function, but some graphic designers still can make it look beautiful. Take a look at these ten beautiful examples of great brochure design.

  7. Collection of Beautiful Magazine Covers for Inspiration 4 years ago Permalink

    Magazine covers can be beautiful works of arts, while others can be simple, they still provide a unique sense of style.  In this post I will share with you 38 creative and beautiful magazine covers that will be sure to inspire you.