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  1. Creating 3D Buttons with CSS & jQuery 3 years ago Permalink

    There is no doubt that websites are edging more and more into the web app, or interactive arena, rather than the static websites that most of us began with. As links and buttons are being used now to trigger more than simple submissions and links to new pages our design needs to reflect these new functions.

  2. 24 Email Newsletters Inspiration For Your Next Campaign 3 years ago Permalink

    A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. This post contains a bunch of different, beautiful, elegant, modern and creative newsletters examples that may be a great source of inspiration.

  3. 33 Great Mac Applications for Web Designers 3 years ago Permalink

    Mac OS X is known for housing an amazing graphical user interface. Getting more popular and famous in the world of designers, this operating system already counts a lot of usable applications that can improve our work.

  4. A Comprehensive Guide to CSS 3 Transitions 3 years ago Permalink

    As demand for Adobe Flash exponentially grows, so does the need for alternative forms of web based animation. Part of the reason for this push is Flash’s proprietary nature (owned and controlled by a specific company). Alternatives such as Microsoft’s Silverlight have wandered into the market, but present the same problem.

  5. Useful HTML5 Code Snippets You Can Use Today 3 years ago Permalink

    The hype today is all about the new HTML5, the newest version of HTML that has combined classic HTML with XML, plus more features for modern web development. It is also, technically, the new version of XHTML 1.0, and in the near future it will be the main markup language we use for computer-based website creation (as opposed to mobile devices).

  6. How to Protect Your WordPress Blog From Getting Hacked 3 years ago Permalink

    As many users are probably aware, WordPress is one of the premier open source blog software available on the internet. It has gone far beyond the standard weblog and is now an excellent foundation for just about any type of website.

  7. Eye Movement Patterns in Web Design 3 years ago Permalink

    One of the most overlooked design principles in web design today is eye movement patterns. All too often, web designers are so overly focused on making their website look “pretty” by adding distracting graphics and animations, using overly complex background images, drop shadows, and glowing form fields, that they forget why they are making the website in the first place.

  8. Web Design Lessons from An iDevice 3 years ago Permalink

    After previously being an Apple hater turned convert to the iPhone I believe that the way in which the device along with its sister products the iPod Touch and iPad have been created showcase some good principles and best practices that many in our industry (regardless of their position on Apple) could follow more frequently, even if you don’t agree with some of their methods or products.

  9. 15 UI Design Patterns Web Designers Should Keep Handy 3 years ago Permalink

    User interface design patterns help create consistency throughout the web, and provide a great resource for web designers looking for the best tested, most usable, and most efficient layouts. Many things in life are in a pattern, and this includes applications in both design and development.

  10. Get Inspired by 45 Good Looking Slideshows in Web Design 3 years ago Permalink

    The use of sliders in web design has become more and more popular and is definitely a trend these days. Everyone has a faster connection, better browsers and better software compared to just a few years back.

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