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  1. 10 New High-Quality Fonts for Your Designs 4 years ago Permalink

    High-quality freebies for you to use in your designs. Now you can focus on doing the fun stuff, like creating amazing work.

  2. Watercolor Brush Pack #1 4 years ago Permalink

    This is a collection of 10 Watercolor Photoshop brushes. It was designed especially for use in texture creation. Included in the brush pack are paint drip brushes, paint splatter brushes, and other water color textures.

  3. Nice Paul’s Nice Icons 4 years ago Permalink

    Freelance user experience designer Paul Annett, formlerly of ClearLeft, has released a rather sweet set of social media icons which he describes as: “…cleaner – simplified without all the bevels, gradients, and rounded corners”

  4. 50 Exclusive Commercial Business And Corporate Wordpress Themes 4 years ago Permalink

    50 good-looking corporate and business themes for your use.

  5. Content Management System (CMS) Icon Set (12 Free Icons) 4 years ago Permalink

    A set with 12 high quality icons in 48×48px, available in the .png-format. The set was designed to be used in content management systems, but can also be useful for other user interface designs.

  6. Sketchy Social Media Icons Freebie 4 years ago Permalink

    As a designer that at one time had the ambition to become an illustrator, you can imagine I miss the hands-on work quite a bit. I look for any opportunity I can get to incorporate drawing in design. It’s an easy thing to overlook given the modern day design styles, but it’s important to go back to your roots sometimes.

  7. 20 Free Fantastic Novelty Styled Fonts 4 years ago Permalink

    We have gathered an awesome little collection of free fonts. These are novelty styled fonts that must be added to your collection. To download the font just click on the picture and it will take you to the download page.

  8. gCons: Free All-Purpose Icons for Designers and Developers (100 icons PSD) 4 years ago Permalink

    We are glad to release gCons, a set of free all-purpose 32×32px icons for designers and web developers (100 icons). The icons come in 12 different colors and are available in PSD, PNG, JPG and GIF formats.

  9. 15 High-Res Lens Flare Textures 4 years ago Permalink

    There are different kinds of flares, different colors, etc. I’m attaching a preview of a few of them below, but there are 15 total textures. Be sure to check out for more high-quality textures.

  10. 50 Hand Picked Beautiful Drupal 6 Themes 4 years ago Permalink

    There are hundreds of Drupal themes which you can find on the internet but not all of them are good looking. So, this time I have collected the 50 best looking Drupal 6 themes I have found. The newest version of Drupal is 7 but at the moment the most popular version of Drupal is still is 6 and that’s why in this article I have collected only themes for Drupal 6.

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