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  1. Infographic of the Day: Just How Unpopular is President Obama? 3 years ago Permalink

    The results might surprise you.

  2. Infographic of the Day: Google Zeitgeist Charts 2010's Biggest Searches 3 years ago Permalink

    From iFarts to Mongolian Lady Gaga fans, the world’s obsessions are rendered in fascinating detail.

  3. Infographic of the Day: Does the U.S. Really Have That Many Guns? 3 years ago Permalink

    In fact, we have more than you likely ever imagined.

  4. Infographic of the Day: Happiness Comes at a Price 3 years ago Permalink

    Should we be measuring our world by something other than GDP and income levels?

  5. Infographic of the Day: The World's Most Environmentally Damaging Industries 3 years ago Permalink

    A stunningly ambitious chart manages to illustrate the carbon footprints of industries — and also serves an example of why less is almost always more when it comes to infographics.

  6. Infographic of the Day: Should You Use Yahoo Answers, Metafilter, or Aardvark? 3 years ago Permalink

    There are plenty of communal question-answering sites out there. But which one’s best?

  7. How KOR Redesigned its Water Bottles, Using Customer Feedback 3 years ago Permalink

    We’ve got the exclusive: KOR is debuting a new line of water bottles, for less cash.

  8. Infographic of the Day: Frog Design Makes Twitter Activity Gorgeous 3 years ago Permalink

    A heatmap of real-time tweets around the globe.

  9. Infographic of the Day: What Countries Force Kids to Work? 3 years ago Permalink

    And what do they make?

  10. Infographic of the Day: Who Won the World Series for the Giants? 3 years ago Permalink

    A superb chart, showing the performance of the teams best and worst players, game by game.

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