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  1. 17 Great Visual Identities for Your Inspiration 3 years ago Permalink

    Giving a visual identity to faceless companies takes time and effort. To inspire you I have gathered a series of wonderfully executed corporate identities.

  2. 14 Excellent Drupal Themes 3 years ago Permalink

    If you are used to browse the endless library of free WordPress themes available throughout the web, looking for a decent Drupal theme can be somewhat frustrating.

  3. The Art of the Logo: 10 Good Museum Logo Designs 3 years ago Permalink

    Due to their particular role in society, museums pay a lot of attention to every aspects of their visual identity; they hire famous architects to design their buildings and invest on coherent visual identity.

  4. Dog Photography by Tim Flach 3 years ago Permalink

    This made my day, the dogs of Tim Flach are simply awesome.

  5. 11 Design Blogs With a Specific Focus 3 years ago Permalink

    One criticism I heard a few times about Designer Daily is that it covers a too wide range of topics on the blog. For those people, I tried to create a little list of blogs that have a very specific focus and stick to it, so enjoy…

  6. Turn Your Blog Into Anything: 13 Unusual Uses for WordPress 3 years ago Permalink

    Nowadays it’s quite common to use WordPress as a CMS, I do it often for simple clients’ sites. What some people still don’t know is that you can do much more with WordPress. This post shows 13 examples of cool things you can achieve with WordPress.

  7. 15 Examples of Good Online Portfolios 3 years ago Permalink

    When you create your portfolio, you are your own client. It is much harder than it sounds. The hard part is to combine a personal identity with usability and a good display of your work.

  8. 10 Stunning Examples of Brochure Design 3 years ago Permalink

    Brochures are a very challenging item to design. Doing it good requires a good balance between form and function, but some graphic designers still can make it look beautiful. Take a look at these ten beautiful examples of great brochure design.

  9. 3 Open Source Softwares to Help You Run Your Freelance Business 3 years ago Permalink

    When running a business, you obviously want to increase your income. Chances are that you also want to reduce your expenses, or that you have too. For designers, software costs quite a lot (yes, I’m thinking of you Adobe Creative Suite). I never could make the switch to use open-source software only for graphic design work, but I wouldn’t switch back to paid software for some tasks.

  10. 30 Enviously Cool Home Office Setups 3 years ago Permalink

    Those who work from home, like me, spend the lion’s share of their working week sitting in their home office. Why oh why, therefore, are so many home offices dull, lifeless places that you wouldn’t want to spend 10 minutes, let alone 10 hours a day!

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