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  1. Sketchy Social Media Icons Freebie 4 years ago Permalink

    As a designer that at one time had the ambition to become an illustrator, you can imagine I miss the hands-on work quite a bit. I look for any opportunity I can get to incorporate drawing in design. It’s an easy thing to overlook given the modern day design styles, but it’s important to go back to your roots sometimes.

  2. Client Rejection – Why No Means Nothing 4 years ago Permalink

    We’ve all had it happen before – you put a ton of work into a fantastic idea, proposal, and/or meeting with an awesome potential client and it goes swimmingly. You’re excited, they’re excited, you’re even more excited since they’re excited.  The endless cycle of excitement is the best right? When this situation has a fairytale ending paved with productivity, a portfolio builder and some cash, it’s awesome!

  3. Freebie Fiesta – Twitter Bird & Egg Illustrations 4 years ago Permalink

    I was inspired by the vast number of Twitter birds out there and decided to provide my own entry the internet’s collection of our feathery friend.

  4. Warping Drop Shadows to Give Depth 4 years ago Permalink

    Even though CSS3 has brought a lot to the table in regards to drop shadow effects, there are still plenty of reasons to use image alternatives. The drop shadows generated by CSS3 are relatively uniform, and don’t deviate much past size and transparency. In some cases, you might want to give a page some extra depth.

  5. Interface Design is a Conversation 4 years ago Permalink

    A recent round of client work at One Mighty Roar has got me thinking a lot more about successful interface design. Specifically, how can we build pages that send a clear message without losing aesthetic or professional edge? The question turns out not to be “How does it look?” but, “What is it saying?”

  6. Things to Know About Custom Tumblr Theme Design 4 years ago Permalink

    Tumblr has done a lot of growing over the past few years. Recently I’ve had to develop a few themes inside of Tumblr for part of a larger overall campaign. Coming from WordPress, I appreciated the platform’s simplicity, but wasn’t sure about how customizable it would actually be. I was under the impression that custom theme design was a lot more complicated than it actually is.

  7. Adding MP3 Files to Wordpress Themes 4 years ago Permalink

    In this post I’m going to talk about how to use WordPress’ attachment functionality to automatically detect and wrap mp3s in a player.

  8. Designing Without Gradients 4 years ago Permalink

    The gradient has become a universal crutch. Hypocrisy, we know, considering parts of this blog’s current design. Gradients have a habit of decorating since the design trends introduced by Web 2.0 gloss. The starburst badges and text reflections may have faded into obscurity, but the brash gradient stuck it out.

  9. Purely CSS – Faking Different Color Columns 4 years ago Permalink

    We want to create a layout with two columns, each a different color, yet have both colors extend the the edge of the browser.

  10. Effective Pitch and Registration Page Design 4 years ago Permalink

    Getting a user to visit your site is only step one. If you’re interested in maintaining a long-lasting relationship, it’s going to take some commitment.

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