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  1. Web Design Lessons from An iDevice 3 years ago Permalink

    After previously being an Apple hater turned convert to the iPhone I believe that the way in which the device along with its sister products the iPod Touch and iPad have been created showcase some good principles and best practices that many in our industry (regardless of their position on Apple) could follow more frequently, even if you don’t agree with some of their methods or products.

  2. Apple Releases New “iPad Is…” Commercial, Flipboard Goes Mainstream 4 years ago Permalink

    Apple has launched a new iPad advertising campaign, focusing on third-party apps that help to complete the iPad experience.

  3. 10 Amazing Deal Finders for Design Enthusiasts & Apple Fanboys 4 years ago Permalink

    Who doesn’t like bundles and special offers for cool stuff? Who doesn’t LOVE freebies? Well – I’m a sucker for everything discount when it comes to design apps or Mac goodies or iPhone games

  4. 30 Years of Apple In 2 Minutes 4 years ago Permalink

    Gary Katz put together a video that documents 30 years of Apple in two minutes. The computers morphing together in the video are all from Gary’s personal collection.

  5. Is Apple Cheating In iPad Commercials? 4 years ago Permalink

    This is the second time that Apple has been caught with their pants down over their advertising. Remember when Flash was found in their browsing videos?

  6. Apple to Deploy Software Fix for iPhone Glitch 4 years ago Permalink

    After initially dismissing the reports about the iPhone 4 antenna reception issue, Apple has officially admitted it exists, promising a software fix in a couple of weeks. There’s a catch, though.

  7. Apple reportedly hard at work on serious Apple TV update 4 years ago Permalink

    Since its introduction in 2007, the Apple TV has languished as a “hobby” device for Apple and hasn’t been significantly revised since. Sure, there have been a few minor tweaks to the software or user interface, but Apple has failed to make Apple TV a successful set-top box with wide appeal. Sources speaking to The New York Times now suggest that big changes are brewing inside Apple, backed by a number of designers with experience in the television industry.

  8. Letter from Apple Regarding iPhone 4 4 years ago Permalink

    A letter from Apple to iPhone customers.

  9. What An iAd Looks Like 4 years ago Permalink

    One of the key differentiating features of Apple’s iOS4 – besides folders and multitasking – is the ability for advertisers to serve up iAds – which we hope are context-dependent. A detailed video is now available of one of the first iAds launched as of today, for the Nissan Leaf (the first mass market electric car).

  10. Design Concepts: Making the iPhone Work for Us 4 years ago Permalink

    The Web is teeming with the unrealized ideas of both students and established designers who set out to produce astonishing renderings and prototypes for unusual products. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, money, or technology, many of those products never progress from the planning stages to the mass market. But that doesn’t mean we can’t salivate over them, nevertheless.

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