1. Lee Jeans Wash Guide - Package Design 3 years ago Permalink

    Poster presenting 23 washes of Lee Jeans. The still photography series used props and compositions suggestive of materials and techniques employed to achieve the various washes.

  2. How to Cut the Crap and Actually Be Productive as a Creative Person 3 years ago Permalink

    Today we’re going to talk about everyone’s favorite subject: productivity. More importantly, we’ll discuss why your current system doesn’t work, why traditional company structures suck and how to wrangle your creative brain into submission.

  3. Infographic of the Day: Just How Unpopular is President Obama? 3 years ago Permalink

    The results might surprise you.

  4. Create a Colorful Aged Poster With Special Lighting Effects 3 years ago Permalink

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use texture and adjustment layers to create an aging effect on a colorful abstract poster design.

  5. What To Do When Your Website Goes Down 3 years ago Permalink

    An important website has gone down, and sooner or later, heads will turn to the Web development corner of the office, where you are sitting quietly, minding your own business, regretting that you ever mentioned “Linux” on your CV. You need to take action.

  6. How To Create Detailed Gothic Linework Typography 3 years ago Permalink

    Follow this step by step walkthough of the design process for my recent gothic typography design. We’ll be customising a blackletter font with various black and white elements and creating a range of tones with detailed linework to create a cool gothic style design that would be right at home as a logo for a heavy metal band or dark apparel brand.

  7. Perfection in Design: Why It's a Bad Idea 3 years ago Permalink

    If you are a designer or a web-developer then you probably should know that trying to make your project perfect can extend the time needed to complete the project-even several times. There’s always that one last element you want to quickly improve because there’s something annoying about it.

  8. 40 Free & Delightful Green Patterns 3 years ago Permalink

    A pattern is a type of subject where a set of shape or object that repeats itself many times. Depending on the number it duplicates, it can be used in graphic designs and projects depending on your inventiveness.

  9. P&W Designs Seasonal Sparkling Ciders for Fresh & Easy 3 years ago Permalink

    International Design Consultancy P&W have designed a range of seasonal sparkling ciders for Tesco’s US chain Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. These seasonal favorites are non alcoholic and available in apple and grape varieties.

  10. A Comprehensive Guide to CSS Resets 3 years ago Permalink

    This guide examines the infinite-like variety of CSS resets created by web developers and designers across the world. While almost all of these CSS resets are generally provided free for public use (many through Creative Commons licensing), it is incumbent upon you to check the terms of use before putting them to use in your projects.

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